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Gi Care

Keep it clean

You will read many differing opinions when it comes to how 'best' to wash your favourite BJJ Gi! In our years of experience we've found that keeping it simple is always best:


- Wash your Gi at 0°C to avoid any unwanted shrinking.

Our Gis can be washed at higher temperatures up to 30°C if you need to tighten up the Gi or shrink the trousers slightly after your first try! But for longevity, we'd recommend keeping it at 0°C for week in week out training and remember, NEVER use bleach!


- Do not machine dry, always hang dry! On the topic of unwanted shrinking, a machine dryer is going to test the limits of your Gi and sometimes it can damage the rubberized collar so we'd really recommend against this!


- Use Antibacterial Detergent (Optional) Nobody likes stinky Gis! To keep your Progress Gi fresh for years, use an antibacterial detergent :)

Wear and tear

We built our BJJ Gis to last... years! I've personally had some of our older models in rotation for 5+ years without any issues and know our weaves stand the test of time! Over time Gis can fray, lose their colour slightly, they get old like anything else - but if you follow our washing instructions above our Gis will be a staple part of your heavy rotation for years!


Any embroidery frays, we recommend cutting off with small nail scissors before they get worse, the same goes with any threading issues on the pants drawstrings. Of course, if you ever want to contact us regarding issues with a Gi or just general advice on the best way to tie your belt, drop us an e-mail at 


- Mark (Black Belt and part of the Progress Team)

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